Louise Eldridge - Mosaic CD

In the Mosaic, Louise shares her complex and soulful compositions - music that was inspired by many moving experiences over the last few years. Louise has not only composed the music for Mosaic but has written the instrumentation as well.

“I hope you may choose this album to be among your favorite CD’s; to listen to while spending some quiet time with yourself or loved ones; in front of a fire, reading a book, sailing on calm seas or in your special warm retreat. Find your favorite place, close your eyes, relax and absorb the strong emotions that are woven into my reflective compilation”.

Compositions of particular inspiration:

The Last Flight:
“ One day in October a few years ago, a very strong feeling came over me that I needed to sit down at my piano, focus on the now, and compose. The song came incredibly easily, combining elements of both despair and ecstasy. Upon completion, later that day, I learned that a favorite singer/ songwriter had flown his plane for the very last time. I call this selection, The Last Flight, and dedicate it to the memory of John Denver. His spirit is with us.”

He Sleeps:
“ I watched, as many Canadians did, the eloquent delivery of Justin Trudeau's last words to his father, Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau. Immediately music flooded into my body and soul and I started writing and composing. Three days later I finished the work and called it He Sleeps, as Justin's last words were ‘Papa, go to sleep. It is time for you to rest’.”

After the release of her Peaceful Butterfly Suite album, her hometown friends invited her back to perform in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, where Louise grew up. It was for these treasured friends that she first played Home.


S. Stoikva, violin – Ms. Stoikva has performed for numerous symphonies throughout Europe. Her exquisite weaving of melody and harmony enhance the quiet passages of this album.

Paula Kiffner, cello - Her supple motions of the bow denote her artistic ability. This Salt Spring, B.C. resident has been a member of many symphonies, including Calgary, Vancouver and Victoria. She is currently the head cellist for the Victoria Conservatory. Paula’s cello may be found on Celine Dion’s latest Christmas album.

Alan Cottell, flute - Alan has given this album a unique sound, creating a style reminiscent of light jazz accompaniment. Alan is a resident of Victoria and is a teacher of music, voice and film.


l. Change in Tide
2. He Sleeps
3. These Wings
4. My Friend
5. Once
6. First Love (composed, age 17)
7. The Precipice
8. Soul to Soul
9. Illusions
10. China Moon
11. Last Flight
12. Home

Produced by TC Eldridge Productions

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