Louise Eldridge - Butterfly Suite CD

Gentle fibers of sound weave through your consciousness creating lush TAPESTRIES; Beautiful melodies played on acoustic and electronic instruments coloured with light percussion; To relax and rejuvenate.

The "Butterfly Suite" comprised of "When The Timing Is Right", "Follow Your Heart", and "It Will Tell You What To Do", "The Gathering", "Summers End" is a collection which conveys the feeling of a mystical voyage filled with hope and expectation. It is hoped these compositions by Louise Eldridge will simulate the appreciation of beauty and freedom of thought.


Louise Eldridge, Piano.

Tobin Stokes, Cello Lines.

Paula Kiffner, cello - Her supple motions of the bow denote her artistic ability. This Salt Spring, B.C. resident has been a member of many symphonies, including Calgary, Vancouver and Victoria. She is currently the head cellist for the Victoria Conservatory. Paula’s cello may be found on Celine Dion’s latest Christmas album.

Mary Byrne, flute/Picollo.

Birds : 55 Different Species

Recorded at Melodeon Studios, Chemainus
                      Vancouver Island, BC
                      Canada V0R 1K0

Butterfly Suite

l. The Butterfly Suite (Overture)
2. Free At Last
3. The Bridge of Time
4. When The Timing Is Right
5. The Gathering
6. Kelsey's Rain
7. Butterfly Garden
8. Milkwood
9. Colored Wings (L. Eldridge/J. Lyons)
10. Heaven On Earth
11. The Butterfly Suite(Reprise)
12. Dreamfields
13. The Silver Lady (Sephora)
14. Dreamfields (Sequel)
15. Summer's End

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